Javanese Wedding Stage

Javanese wedding stage or pelaminan pengantin Jawa is a tradition used in Javanese weddings in Indonesia. The stage consists of a platform or table decorated with beautiful flowers and colors. On top of the stage, the bride and groom sit on chairs that are also decorated with flowers. Typically, Javanese wedding stages are decorated with red, yellow, and green colors which symbolize happiness, success, and good luck. The stage is also decorated with statues, symbols, and carvings that are related to Javanese tradition.

Additionally, Javanese wedding stages are decorated with tumpeng, a traditional Javanese food that consists of rice shaped like a mountain and decorated with various dishes. Tumpeng is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity in the new household. In Javanese traditional weddings, tumpeng is also served as the opening dish of the wedding ceremony.  There are also those who add wayang kulit statues, which are considered as symbols of good luck and happiness in the new household. These statues are usually carved beautifully and decorated with attractive colors.

In the Javanese traditional wedding ceremony, this wedding stage is usually placed in the middle of the room and decorated beautifully as a background for the wedding procession.